Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lorenzo Matteoli, "Some “pensierini” about the technologies"

Here attached some “pensierini” about the technologies.
Consider seriously and check the feasibility of the Great Green Pensile Boulevard over the railway tracks: cost comparison between the GGPB and diverting the tracks, time involved, profitable activities to be placed on the GGPB.
Also the idea of the Fly Wheel Storage needs a serious feasibility check.

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The complete “passive” catalogue: cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.

Energy model of the settlement: space, time, ed entalpy.
Electricity demand, thermal demand > 100° C < 100 °C
Food processing heat demand: hot water, pressurized steam.

Solar thermal: mandatory coverage for Domestic Hot Water
Hot water demand > 100°C o steam for food processing
Solar PV and wind energy: to be associated with local storage Fly Wheels
Thermal hot water storage: for each single residential unit

Explore wave energy cfr

Solar stack effect chimneys for undercroft areas ventilation.

Light ducts for undercroft areas day lighting.

Electricity storage:
Go for the fly wheels!
Fly wheels, study scale possibilities check

(YBCO = Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide superconductor compound material)

The Great Pensile Boulevard (linear park?) above the train tracks.
This could be a great feature for the whole urban design of the New Midland!
Cost comparison between new track line construction and displacement of the tracks and the cost of the structural covering platform.
How and where to cross it? Underpasses? Coaxial ramps?
Examples of pensile parks on elevated train tracks (Paris, New York) cfr:

Commercial structures or services on the Great Pensile Green Boulevard: tennis courts, basketball courts, bocce, cycle path, skateboard ramps or bowls, BMX bowls, volley ball, mini-football, minigolf, tracks, kiosks, cafès, restaurants, …what else?

The “piazza”? Or the “piazzas”…

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